Blog post by: Yogacharya Ankit Garg.

Everything happens, happens to happen only. It needn’t be ‘Good’ always. Things just happen because they have to happen. They are categorized in to Good or Bad, instantaneously on the basis of consequences, by our myopic discretion. Actually, Good & Bad are subjective terms. But how come?

Have not we experienced, sometimes, the outcome what we categorize as ‘so called Good’ instantaneously, emerges out as ‘bad’ latter & vice-versa?

For instance, you switched your decent job of two years to a lucrative offer having better prospects so thanked God millions. But, with in a fortnight, you realize your blunder & have been cursing yourself & luck for having you struggling here under such mountainous work pressure & monstrous boss. On the contrary, you tried a lot to invest in a particular property (land) but missed it because of less funds thus resentment towards God was obvious. After two year, you thank God for having saved your hard earned money as that land has now lost its location- significance due to some policy change.

So, broadly, you can’t classify an incident Good or Bad because it might be metamorphosed in to Bad or Good in the next step & so on so forth.

In both the above cases, neither did former make a blunder nor did latter make any smart move. Both did make a decision discreetly (to switch the job, to invest in the land) with the best of their capabilities. So, ‘Every decision you make is Good’ is correct statement provided that made with the best of your discretion & abilities.

 Anyways, things seem Good or Bad if seen in individual perspective but in broad perspective, they transcend in to a verb only, a process devoid of any noun, tag of good, bad, mediocre etc. Reason being, your good causes my bad & my good paves the way for your bad relatively. So, Nature (God) can’t favour you & disfavours me or vice-versa.

A doctor can’t pray “May no one fall ill ever “, a lawyer can’t pray “May no crime, dispute happen ever”, a causality hospital owner can’t pray “May no human meet a road accident, deadly diseases ever”, a meat shop owner can’t pray “May everybody become a vegetarian to lead a healthy life” and sadly but truly a prostitute can’t pray “May no man ever be committing adultery “etc.

Usually, one gains on the loss of other/s. It’s just like as If you have secured a seat in a competition, you have actually snatched it from rest of your failed competitors inadvertently. An athlete can’t pray his challengers’ victory infact will not wish “May the best win” even.

Whatever has to happen just happens. It might be worst for you or best, doesn’t matter for this Nature. Because, your life doesn’t, stop if your worst happens &, attain salvation if your best happens to you.  So, this misconception of “so called Good” is not good enough.

This strongly, deeply implanted misconception might console human mind in the moments of despair to have had a hope for better luck next time on each defeat but simultaneously keeps diluting our mind’s ability to accept the result ‘as it is’ in its pure form & germinates a silent dissatisfaction-chaos eventually.

This famous saying makes us to always expect a sugar coated result of our karmas which doesn’t, prepare us to taste the bitter &, teach us how to deal with it amicably. It’s like you are breaking the almond-shells one by one repeatedly to eat the almond inside but each time you wait for a sweet almond only. Since previous almond was bitter so this almond should have been sweet as per the saying or since this almond is bitter, next will be the sweet one, this ‘so called Good ’school of thought consumes the breaker (eater) in the blind search of sweetness in each almond & kills the taste & positive effect of bitter almond for him. Thus the purity of karma (endeavor) is lost, now it is contaminated with the dirt (burden) of desired result this time with out fail according to this famous saying. Hence, it is contradictory to the ‘Bhagwat Gita’s teaching “Lets keep doing our karma without expecting its fruit………”.

Gradually, each defeat (bitter almond) is now more awkward & leads us towards disappointment, frustration & depression. End result has to be good… where is this ‘End’? Is this ‘End’ the end of life or what?

Thus ‘Your efforts have equal probability of generating desirable or undesirable result each time” is far more subtle, refreshing & rejuvenating statement.