Concentration, Peace, Withdrawal of senses in, Inner journey; there are numerous such meanings ‘Meditation’ is perceived as.

But what meditation actually is, it is an enigma yet. Primarily, we are all striving to rule our mind in such a way so that it can concentrate or think what we want to think and reject what we don’t want to ponder upon. But exactly the opposite this happens.We just keep thinking what we don’t want to think at all. So, we see Meditation as a rein to rule our mind.There are many kinds of meditation techniques flowing around you like Vipassana, TM, Heartful-Meditation, Zen, Dancing Meditation, Yog- Nidra etc. These techniques have been invented or propagated by different masters and each technique might be perfect for you to practise or some or none.

Everybody has to find out or invent his own suitable Meditation technique depending upon what he is looking for.

Some artists have found and claimed that their craft whether it is singing, playing instrument, writing, poetry, painting, cooking has always been a heavenly experience or catharsis.
So, you keep experiencing these techniques and do not stop until you reach your own Meditation.

If Meditation is to be defined in one line: ‘Something which takes you away from you’.

Everybody has to and must find out that ‘Something’ in his life as his duty towards this Nature so that he can give some ecstasy back to this Nature and make it a happy and joyful world.


Time to beat the heat of COVID-19 by keeping our mind and body aligned!!

Meditation Experiences