Pranayam & Bandh

“Prana” is life.

The healthy state of a body is directly proportionate to the amount of oxygen it receives and the extent it circulates with in.

Our body is composed of different organ-systems like Breathing system, Circulatory system, Nervous system, Skeletal system etc. Each organ-system is composed of innumerable cells and each cell requires ample amount ofoxygen for its own life so that it can perform as per the body’s different requirements.

Whenever this oxygen supply is compromised or hindered due to various factors, cells start dying or are not able to perform which results the organ- system’s failure eventually.

Pranayam is the way to provide life to the body and the medium is Oxygen. The Oxygen in itself is capable to heal any diseased organ provided if able to reach in sufficient amount within time. So, there are many types of Pranayamas and Bandhas, practised to utilise oxygen’s magical power to heal, energize the entire body system.

Some of the Pranayam are :  Sheetli, Sheetkari, Bhastrika, Bhramri, Ujjayi, Suryabhedi, Anulom-Vilom, Udgeeth, Agnisaar.

Bandhas : Uddiyaan – Bandh, Mool-Bandh, Jaalandhar -Bandh, Tri-Bandh ( Maha-Bandh).


Charak Yoga has developed a series of Pranayams that goes for 24 minutes.
It is such an effective series which would start showing you effect right from day first.

It works on your liver, Intestine, lungs, and your Solar plexus( Manipura- Chakra).